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Squeeze Out A Few Extra Miles

With the average price of petrol now hovering around €1.20 liter, motorists might want to consider how they can reduce the costs of motoring by changing how they drive to use less fuel. “Hypermiler’s” claim to double the average mpg on that can be achieved against a manufacturers guidelines by driving differently to squeeze extra miles from their fuel tank.

The basics involve making sure that you are not carrying unnecessary weight in the car, making sure that your tires are correctly inflated and most importantly driving slowly & smoothly with the minimum amount of acceleration and braking. Not only will this save you money, it will help save the planet. For top tips on fuel saving, check out

Of course we know that many Irish men and women like fast cars, however hypermiling means that your journey takes longer and if you drive that slowly, you will probably have a long line of traffic behind you. So whilst the savings you could make on fuel are considerable, a thick skin is required.

An alternative way to cut your motoring costs is to make sure that your insurance policy offers the best cover at the right price.

With 40 branches across the country, AXA insurance will have a branch in a town near you. So if you are a learner driver looking for your first car insurance policy or an experienced driver who is considering changing their car, why not call in to one of our branches to discuss your car insurance requirements.

A full list of our branch locations locations is given here: local branches

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5 years 9 months ago

It is amazing what the adoption of a smooth driving style, reduction in weight, and keeping your windows closed to reduce drag can achieve. Consciously driving with the aim of preserving fuel at all costs can really have a significant impact on your overall consumption. It is all about the cumulative effect of attention to detail.

As far as car insurance goes it doesn’t pay to just go for the absolute cheapest quote. Go for an established brokerage like AXA, who have offices around the country, and who have an established track record. Being messed around when claiming is not fun, so going for the people with the good name is worth it.

Safe and happy motoring, folks.