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The most beautiful seat belt ad ever created

Check out this road safety ad from the UK –

The most beautiful seatbelt advocacy commercial ever (produced by the Sussex safer roads in the UK)

This has been marketed as ‘The most beautiful seat belt ad ever created’. AXA in the past has sponsored a variety of different road safety tv ads. These ads are ultra hard hitting and graphic in their nature, which have the ultimate aim of shocking people into taking care on Irish roads. Shock tactics seem to make the message hit home better, even if the viewer only watches the ad only once. Although the stats reveal that fatal crashes are less frequent than a generation ago, can more be done? Is the message getting across?

But when we see an ad like the seat belt ad above, it’s impossible to ignore and difficult not to picture your own family, such is the emotional pull and I know I’d watch it again.

It’s powerful stuff indeed and hopefully will convince people to associate their families wellbeing with the humble seat belt and ultimately save lives. Shock and awe campaigns or the softer emotional approach or maybe a combination of both, what do you think?

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