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Going on holiday, don’t leave home without..?

I don’t think there is anything more satisfying than marking up some days off on the work calendar for a well deserved holiday.  You’ve booked the flights and accommodation, you have the time off work, you’ve arranged your travel insurance …….now all that you have to do is pack your bags.

But what must-have items to take? Well, according to a recent survey of holidaymakers in the UK, 56 percent of people heading off to the sun said they’d take some type of food or drink with them. Over a third of holidaymakers packed some tea bags for the trip and a fifth took coffee with them! I’m with the other 17% who always squirrel away some sweets for the journey.

What can you not leave behind? Leave us a comment below with your must-have travel items…

You’ve packed everything you need, you hop on the plane and before long you arrive at your destination airport but your luggage isn’t there to meet you. As anyone who has ever experienced this, it’s an annoying and upsetting start to any holiday and can really crush that feel-good holiday vibe. You think to yourself “Where’s me sweets and me teabags?!!”, but more importantly ‘where’s my clothes and sun-cream?’

Obviously there isn’t much you can do to stop this happening – apart from taking a vacation in your back garden, close to a plentiful supply of Barry’s Tea (which you may well need to heat up in the Irish sun)! But it’s always worthwhile having travel insurance in place. Check our AXA Travel insurance  product which will cover lost luggage up to €4,000.

Bon voyage!!

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