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10 Humiliating Driver Struggles You’ll Face After Passing Test

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There’s no escaping the joy that comes with passing your driving test. You feel invincible and like nothing can bring you down – that is of course until you start driving alone.

During your first few months as a new driver, expect to face some embarrassing, ‘wish-the-ground-would-swallow-you-up’ situations when behind the wheel. It’s ok though, it happens to the best of us, and as long as you don’t put yourself in danger, you’ll be able to laugh it off in a few weeks!
To prepare you for this properly though, we’ve put together this list of 10 of the most humiliating driver struggles you might face.

#10 Mounting the Kerb
The scourge of many a new driver’s tyres, the humble kerb has unfortunately proved to be almost unavoidable for some of you out there. You may be parking on a roadside or even driving down a main street, when your spatial awareness fails you and your tyre gets the full brunt of your error. Horrible!

#9 Being in the Wrong Lane
Even though you’ll be on high alert pretty much all of the time, there’s the strong possibility you’ll accidently find yourself in the wrong lane at a junction. You’re then faced with the awkward task of trying to merge across into the right lane without inducing road rage in your fellow motorists.
Luckily the advice is quite simple with this one, don’t worry, signal in plenty of time and check all your mirrors (as well as your blind spot) and you’ll be fine.

#8 Green = Go

cartoon man in car 2You wouldn’t get many prizes for identifying that a green light means go at a set of traffic lights. For some reason though, many new drivers can inexplicably lose all sense of reality when waiting at the lights and somehow fail to grasp even this simple driving procedure. Cue the inevitable honks and beeps from the cars behind you.

#7 Driving Really Slowly
Newbie driver nerves might leave you afraid to go above 30KPH? Don’t worry about it though, drive at whatever speed you feel comfortable at! As long as it’s not causing any danger to other motorists of course!

#6 Petrol Station Panic

petrol pumps image cartoonWe’ve all been there; as you approach the petrol station, your mind goes blank and you can’t remember which side the filler cap is on. Then there’s the struggle to get the cap off, but you’re not off the hook yet. How will you know when it’s full? Are you putting too much in? Are you even using the right type of fuel?!
If in doubt, ask someone! The last thing you want is to fill your car up with the wrong fuel type as it can cause some serious damage.

#5 Nervous Backseat Drivers

At some point you’ll be called upon to return all the taxiing favours to your family, and by doing so you’ll open yourself up to the dreaded motherly/fatherly backseat drivers.
Be prepared for panicked mutters of ‘break, break!’ and ‘did you check your blind spot?!’

#4 Leaving your Indicators On
‘Are you turning? Are you turning then?’ Is the likely rhetorical question to be used by the driver behind you as you fail to notice your indicator is still blinking away. When you finally do realise you’ll feel even more stupid, after all it even flashes and ticks at you to let you know when it is on!

#3 Merging onto the Motorway

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Driving on the motorway alone can be intimidating enough, but what’s worse is the initial merging process. Your blind spot will never have had so much attention as you nervously try and move into the slow lane before you run out of slip road.

Be prepared to wipe beads of sweat off your brow as you successfully complete your first merge!

#2 Parallel Parking
The ultimate fear for any newly qualified driver: parking. And not just any parking, but parallel parking.
When it comes to squeezing your car into a vacant space between two vehicles alone, it’s a different matter. Expect numerous attempts, and of course the inevitable jokes from your passengers about getting a taxi to the kerb. Hilarious, right?

#1 Stalling
The most dreaded scenario faced by any newly qualified driver: stalling. As well as the cars around you, the people walking past will also recognise the unmistakable judder and jolt of a stalled engine. Cringe.
It’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last time (trust us, it will still happen every now and again 20 years into your driving experience!) Follow the procedure you were taught by your driving instructor and carry on!

The truth is that no matter how experienced you are, we all find ourselves making small mistakes whilst driving. What’s important is that you keep putting into practise everything you learnt during your lessons. That way, you’ll be able to safely handle any of these situations, without putting a dent in your confidence (or your car)!

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