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In the Driving Seat with… a City Slicker

We talk to blogger Mahmood Ansari, of The Supercar Kids blog, about his love of driving and supercar spotting in London.

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What car are you currently driving around London? BMW 3 Series M Sport Convertible

How long have you owned it? 6 months

What made you choose this car in particular? I wanted something sporty yet practical. Something that’s not too expensive to run overall in terms of insurance, fuel and maintenance, so there was no better car than this BMW. I also wanted a convertible – even if I never opened the roof thanks to London’s ‘amazing’ weather – but I still wanted the option there just in case.

What type of personality would you say your car has? Does it match your own? Sophisticated yet fun. It knows that there is a time and place for everything. There is a time to be professional and a time to have fun; a bit like me, really.

How do you find driving around London? Is it as stressful as we’d imagine?

London seems to be getting more crowded every single day. If you’re planning to go out during rush hour you might as well stay home, what should take 20 minutes takes over an hour. There is definitely a lot of stopping, so I would recommend an automatic so you can relax while driving in London traffic. However, if you know the right time for driving and the correct shortcuts, you’ll find London to be less stressful than people think.

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Even though the majority of the time you’ll be stuck next to big dull buildings, there are some hidden gems that show the true beauty of London, like Richmond Park. At night time you can drive into Central London with ease and see the whole city peacefully lit up. Go to Knightsbridge and see some of the world’s most amazing and expensive cars as you cruise by.

Lots of people say that you don’t need a car in London. Are there times when you take the tube or bus instead?

To be honest, anyone can easily survive in London without ever needing to drive. Personally, I find driving a fun and peaceful experience, even if it takes twice as long as public transport, it’s still like your own sanctuary. I rarely take the tube or bus apart from where parking is impossible. That’s another thing about London, half the parking is for the residents of that area, and if not, it’s quite hard to find a parking spot, not to mention the constant worry of parking correctly.

Your car isn’t a typical “city car” – what made you choose your BMW for city driving and how does it perform in the Big Smoke?

As they say, ‘smiles per gallon’. I would rather drive an enjoyable car rather than a typical boring city car. My BMW – amongst its big brothers the 5 and 7 series – gets on quite well in the Big Smoke.

How does driving in London compare to driving in other cities?

London is definitely more packed than other cities so it’s probably less enjoyable. Everyone gets a smile on their faces as soon as they leave London and head out into the countryside.

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Where would be your dream driving holiday destination?

My dream would be to not only drive alongside some amazing cars, but to look at breathtaking scenery too; somewhere like Monaco and surrounding areas, making plenty of noise in all the tunnels.

You’re very involved in the online supercar sphere – what do you enjoy about it?

No matter what background, job, location, etc. everyone involved has the same passion for supercars. It’s that passion that I love.

What future supercars are you excited about?

I’m hoping to see more of Lamborghini Veneno Roadsters being ordered, and hopefully one makes it to London, if not the rest of the UK. There are also rumours about the Lamborghini Aventador SV, so I’m curious to see how that turns out too!


With thanks to Mahmood Ansari of and Pure Power Photography.

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