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How Fraudulent claims affect your policy

More and more Irish motorists are feeling the sting of increased motor insurance premiums, even those with a perfect driving history.  It is really worrying that the number of insurance scams and fraudulent claims in Ireland increases each year as more and more offenders try their hand at exploiting the system, and therefore commit criminal offences.

There are many different ways in which false claims are attempted but some of the more common types include:

  • Inducing collisions by driving and braking erratically – in some cases disconnecting the car’s brake lights or even, deliberately crashing into other vehicles.
  • Pursuing personal injury claims from these ‘staged accidents’ and also, fabricating ‘whiplash’ injuries from genuine minor impacts.
  • Introducing ‘phantom’ vehicle occupants to make injury claims despite not being directly involved in the crash with fake witnesses to back-up their statements.
  • Getting rid of a car and then claiming it was ‘stolen’.

Also, claims caused by those that drive without insurance add to the costs of your car insurance.  If you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, you could still lose your no-claims bonus or experience increased renewal costs.  During 2013, 2388 such claims were reported, made up of 1464 uninsured and 924 untraced vehicles.

Why You Pay the Price

As shocking as these scenarios are, the most frustrating aspect is that the blameless, safe drivers out there are footing the bill for these criminal activities. The unfortunate reality is that the more claims and associated legal costs that are paid out, the more your premiums go up to compensate for it.

Any Solutions?

Here at AXA we understand that the vast majority of our customers are truthful and law abiding citizens and it’s in order to protect these customers, that the  company takes a firm stance against people who commit Insurance Fraud. We are dedicated to fighting Insurance Fraud, we have a specialised team of investigators who are highly trained and qualified in investigative techniques. If you are aware of people committing Insurance Fraud let us now in confidence by contacting the Special Investigation Unit at .

We want to support honest drivers by offering them protected no-claims if they are involved in an incident with an uninsured driver. We also reward safe drivers with offers like our no-claims discount at 75% – the highest in Ireland.

The simple advice is to remain vigilant when out on the roads, to help avoid these scheming fraudsters, slow the increase in these negative statistics, and stop costing you time, worry and money.

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